DNAging Research


Geriomics Program



To apply multi-omics science and technology with the goal of improving and extending human health span.­


Musculoskeletal diseases

We specifically strive to cure and prevent musculoskeletal aging-related diseases



  • To become the hub for –omics-centered personalized medicine  in aging and age-related diseases
  • To provide a high-throughput environment for novel and efficient use of bioinformatic tools (in-silico) and resources for validation approaches (in-vitro and in-vivo)
  • To foster strong international partnerships; Identify academic partners for collaboration on specific -omics projects
  • To continue developing cost effective and easy-to-apply in-silico tools to study molecular pathways to successful aging in individuals and populations.
  • To identify and adapt cutting edge technological advances for multi-omics studies.
  • Collaborate with geriatric specialists by providing expertise and credibility for genomic studies.
  • Combine multi-omics data with clinical, social, and environmental characteristics of normal and abnormal aging
  • Help create meaningful collaborations between donors, geriatricians and academic researchers to enrich and preserve a unique biological data and biobank from the population served by Hebrew SeniorLife. Use the valuable information collected by our -omics projects and innovative data analysis to answer fundamental biological questions.
  • To engage the senior community through outreach.  To share genetic data to improve a personalized approach to the aging process