DNAging Research




A scientific collaborative...

established to understand the contribution of genetics to aging and common human diseases that affect elders.

The Geriomics program at the Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research, Hebrew SeniorLife, in Boston, Massachusetts, began as a part of the Musculoskeletal Research Center.  Our Program includes faculty and post-doctoral fellows appointed through Harvard Medical School who study the "omics" of age-related disease, primarily diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as the aging process itself.  As the home of the Framingham Osteoporosis Study, the Institute for Aging Research and the Geriomics Program have measured multiple phenotypes of interest to leverage the unique omic resources of the multiple Framingham Study cohorts.   Two of our current faculty are also Associate Members of the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard.  Our reach extends globally through collaborations with projects such as the Cohorts for Heart and Aging Genetic Epidemiology ("CHARGE") Consortium, the Genetic Factors for Osteoporosis ("GEFOS"), and the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine ("TOPMed") Study.  We welcome collaboration and we strive to make our data available for others to use to advance the understanding of human biology. 




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